FLOWFUSHI had a beauty brand with the same name as its company name, but its name got changed to Uzu. This brand has evolved to provide you with functional, cutting-edge, and convenient cosmetics. They think that various physical and psychological hurdles including age, gender, race, and stereotype influence people’s makeup routine in a negative way, so their ultimate goal is to remove these obstacles and bring you a new, exciting, and enjoyable type of makeup. FLOWFUSHI suggests that you “Unframe the beauty”, to go beyond rules and the common understanding of makeup.

Although their mascaras, lip treatments, and lipsticks are globally famous among professionals, their liquid-type eyeliners called Eye Opening Liners are extraordinary because of their excellent collaboration between tradition and technology. Their brush tips are processed with extra-flexible bristles that are handmade by skilled Japanese artisans while the liquid is formulated with WP Film technology, which prevents your eyes from smudging and is resistant to humidity as well as the hot-humid atmosphere. Uzu products’ high functionality maximizes your “frameless” ingenuity.