How to Order Japanese Food Delivery in Japan

How to Order Japanese Food Delivery in Japan-Japanese Taste
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    It is well known that one of the main attractions for any tourist visiting Japan is Japanese Food. At Japanese Taste we are always trying to help visitors to Japan choose the right food and restaurant by publishing real Japanese food and featuring top Japanese restaurants.

    But today, we would like to talk about another way - often undiscovered by many - to eat real Japanese food while you are in Japan.

    Japanese Food Delivery in Japan


    Food Delivery


    We believe that Japanese food delivery in Japan is:

    1. Convenient because you do not have to go out from your accommodation when you are totally exhausted after a long day of sightseeing.
    2. Interesting because you can try what Japanese people order and eat in their daily lives.
    3. Good cost performance because it is often cheaper than eating out and you still get notable quality.

    What types of foods can I order?

    So, one of our recommended delivery foods is of course Sushi delivery. For example this plate of sushi from Ginnosara with Chu-Toro was only ¥1,300 (about $12).

    Sushi Food Delivery


    Considering, they come in front of your door late at night it is a good deal, isn't it?

    And it looks so good! As you can see, the Neta (what is on top of the rice) is thick, and the Shari (rice part) comes in a decent amount. And of course the fish was very fresh and tasty. Overall, a quality sushi plate with nice presentation and taste, at a decent price and delivered to your place.

    Sushi Food Delivery


    And for the non sushi lovers there are many more delivery food options to choose from in Japan; donburi, soba, udon, curry, bento, tonkatsu, tempura…and of course pizzas, burgers or chinese food as well.

    How can I order food delivery in Japan?

    Here is a simple way you could try by yourself.

    Access to multi delivery food site Demaekan and enter the address or postal code of your accommodation. You will then see a list of possible delivery food options.

    Normally, almost all the food shops that appear here allow you to order online. So even if you do not speak Japanese, you can tell what they offer by looking at the pictures.

    Site is in Japanese but the only information needed is the address of your accommodation and a payment method. So probably with the help of an online translator you can order food by yourself while in Japan.


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