Baby & Kids

Treat the little ones in your life with some unique Japanese baby and childcare products. Our range of items includes baby toiletries, feeding sets, snacks, and healthcare products. Keep your baby’s skin soft and protected against the sun with our selection of baby sunscreen products – Japanese sunscreen is famous for its effectiveness, high SPF protection, and resistance against water and sweat. Alternatively, try a gentle baby shampoo, body wash, or moisturizing cream for babies with dry skin. For new mothers, our range of creams and lotions designed to reduce stretch marks and to make skin firmer will help you to feel more like your pre-pregnancy self again.

Introduce your baby to Japanese cuisine early on with our range of baby food. Newborns can benefit from Meiji’s Hohoemi Cubes – an innovative approach to infant formula packed in convenient cubes that contain essential nutrients for a baby’s growth and are additive free. For older babies, try some Japanese baby rice crackers – soft crackers for babies made with high quality Japanese rice and packed with calcium and probiotic bacteria for healthy teeth.

We also carry baby grooming and healthcare products to take care of all your baby’s needs such as nail scissors and clippers, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and bath thermometers, alongside feeding sets such as bottles, baby aprons, bowls, and plates.