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    anessa-Japanese Taste


    Anessa is a top Japanese sunscreen brand established in 1992 under the Shiseido company. As sun care experts Anessa goes beyond sunscreen, it helps people lead healthy, active, fun-filled, beautiful lives under the sun. Anessa’s suite of products is based on formulas that utilize powerful UV-blocking technology and 50% skincare ingredients that defend skin against UV rays in any environment. Boasting the No.1 position in sales for 21 consecutive years in Japan, Anessa is currently available in Japan and across 10 Asian countries and regions. The brand is actively engaged in corporate social responsibility activities such as seminars on how to properly use sunscreen; classes to raise UV-ray awareness in elementary schools; and the donation of sunscreen products to patients with xeroderma pigmentosum (a disease that causes hypersensitivity to UV radiation).

    Anessa's range of products include; uv gels and milks ideal for daily use, mild sunscreens suitable for sensitive skin and babies and makeup primer with UV protection.