BCL (which stands for Beauty creative Lab.) is an emerging Japanese cosmetic brand and its selection allows you to choose your favorite items according to your preferences and the skin problems you are concerned about. Their unorthodox yet functional products give you a sense that they deliver beauty and joy to both your skin and mind.

Their flagship line Momopuri offers cosmetics that are made with peach-derived ceramide and lactic acids to provide a moisture just like a fresh peach. Their innovative Saborino Mezama Morning Face Mask is also a great choice for beauty-conscious consumers, particularly those who wish to achieve good skincare quickly in a busy morning. This mask has the three functions of facial wash, skincare, and makeup base, and what’s more, you can obtain these benefits in a minute! With Saborino Mask, even lazy people can beautify themselves as if they were conscientiously engaging in skincare for 20-30 minutes. Enjoy a new way of beauty care with BCL’s lineup.