Situated amidst the lush landscapes of Ena city in Gifu Prefecture, Ginnomori, aims to provide an experience that encompasses the essence of "delicious," "fun," and "relaxing." Renowned for expertise in osechi cuisine, the facility operates as a hub for food manufacturing, producing hundreds of thousands of sets of frozen osechi annually. Mastery of osechi preparation techniques has honed skills in ingredient selection, plating methods, and frozen food technology.

Going beyond osechi, Ginnomori has expanded into confectionery, sourcing premium ingredients from across the nation. Originating as an osechiya, the process begins with meticulous ingredient selection, including visits to producers to ensure the highest quality standards are met.

The approach to ingredient sourcing involves acquiring seasonal produce from diverse regions at the optimal times. By processing fruits in their prime season, flavors and freshness are preserved, ensuring a delightful taste experience year-round. Through unique freezing technology, fruits are flash-frozen to maintain their natural sweetness and taste, resulting in fresh-tasting sweets.

With deep-rooted knowledge of premium production areas across the country and innovative freezing techniques, sweets are created that authentically capture the essence of each ingredient's deliciousness.

In the presentation of dishes and sweets, meticulous attention to detail reflects a commitment to delivering excitement and delight to customers. The goal is to evoke smiles and satisfaction with every bite, offering not only delicious treats but also visually captivating creations.

As Ginnomori continues to refine culinary techniques and offerings, the dedication remains steadfast in providing experiences that inspire joy and contentment. Guests are invited to savor the flavors and beauty of Ena's natural surroundings through the delightful offerings available at the establishment.
Nestled within Ena city, Gifu Prefecture, Gin no Mori offers an immersive experience focused on "delicious," "fun," and "relaxing" sensations. Specializing in osechi cuisine, the facility serves as a central hub for food manufacturing, annually producing extensive quantities of frozen osechi while showcasing expertise in ingredient selection, plating methods, and frozen food technology. Expanding its offerings beyond osechi, Gin no Mori delves into confectionery, meticulously sourcing premium ingredients nationwide while upholding high quality standards established from its origins as an osechi shop. By utilizing seasonal produce and innovative freezing techniques, Gin no Mori crafts fresh-tasting sweets that authentically capture the essence of each ingredient's deliciousness.
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