Green Bell

When it comes to nail clippers, the ones from Green Bell are considered to be the safest choice among all nail clipper brands as their products are often introduced on the Internet. One of their sub-brands “Takuminowaza” is a good starting point when trying Green Bell’s high-quality nail clippers. Their blades are edged by skilled artisans, so you can expect clean cutting without leaving ragged edges on the cutting surface, resulting in reduced use of files. Their original metal-processing technique allows the sharpness to last longer, and if properly maintained you can enjoy this sharpness almost indefinitely. Furthermore, most Takuminowaza clippers are made of corrosion-free stainless steel and are designed ergonomically, so you will realize that they are easy to use. Other products that Green Bell manufactures are cuticle cutters, tweezers, kitchen shears, hairdressing scissors, and foot files. This cuts your nails in a smooth and effortless way.