Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is a large Japanese medical brand that is famous for its vast collection of products. What they value is speed: their brand slogan being “You make a wish and we make it happen”, and they strive to develop, manufacture, and distribute products as quickly as possible. As a result, they currently have 155 sub-brands (which is considered to be a top-class volume in Japan) with their range of products extending beyond medicine to oral care, deodorant, toiletries, and pocket warmers, etc.

Their product name is relatively simple but catchy. For instance, Kobayashi’s globally-known pocket hand warmers that are sold overseas are called “Hand Warmers” while their best-selling cooling gel sheets are distributed as “Kool Fever”. These straightforward yet somewhat unique product names quickly and easily raise consumers’ awareness about Kobayashi’s products, resulting in a greater chance that they will match their needs while allowing them to memorize the brand. Once you find Kobayashi’s product and when your intuition tells you that it is the one for you, it is pretty much guaranteed to fulfill your needs.