Marumiya is a Japanese condiment manufacturer that helps consumers enjoy Japanese cuisine in a convenient way. Marumiya believes that cooked rice plays a vital role in the dinner tables of Japanese households, and they have been striving to enrich this culture by developing seasonings and instant appetizers that pair well with rice. Their products allow you to experience Japanese dishes easily and quickly.

Marumiya is really well known for its furikake rice seasonings. If you need something new to use with cooked rice, sprinkle on their furikake flakes to enhance its flavor.

Another major lineup is the Mabo Dofu series. Just prepare tofu (bean curd), and it will easily allow you to create a spicy mabo dofu (also known as mapo tofu) that are popular among Japanese people.

If you dislike spicy food, try their Mazekomi Wakame series. Although it is similar to furikake, it is actually a seasoning for onigiri rice balls, so mix this with cooked rice, form the mixture into a triangle shape, and the onigiri is ready to eat.