Originally the first producer of a cream-type facial wash from 1929 in Japan, the founder of Rosette has been pursuing facial cleanser that is effective in preventing acne. They still inherit the founder’s philosophy, expanding their product line to meet diversifying concerns from consumers. Users’ feedback and concerns are always their driving force for producing fine-quality cosmetics to retain consumers’ total beauty.

Among many sub brands owned by Rosette, you may like to use their long-selling line called “Rosette Cleansing Paste”. It is a series of clay-based facial washes with a blend of botanical ingredients to achieve both cleansing and moisturizing. Although the texture of the foam differs between products, you can expect the cream lathers well and generates a fluffy and voluminous foam that gently removes impurities. With the power of clays and plant-based components, you have a greater chance of fixing your skin problems.