Although Youki has a line of Japanese condiments including matcha salt, yuzu kosho (paste made of yuzu citrus and hot pepper), and nerigoma (pasted sesame seeds), this company in fact specializes in marketing foreign condiments that originate from the China, Korea, and ASEAN region. They also treat Western seasonings due to business ties with American spice giant McCormick since 2007. When you see Youki’s product lineup, you may at first wonder whether this brand is actually a global merchant for seasonings.

Youki describes seasonings as a great supporting actor for enhancing the flavor of dishes. They aim to create products that go beyond being a mere condiment to enrich consumers’ culinary culture. As a part of bringing about this idea, Youki always place emphasis on minimizing the use of preservatives and chemical seasonings not only to develop products that are safe to use but also in order to prevent them from disrupting the flavor of foods. Their condiments are intimate, hearty, and trustworthy.