Yuskin Pharmaceutical’s signature product is also termed “Yuskin”. It is a non-greasy hand cream that alleviates rough skin, and is their best-selling product. It was the founder’s ambition that led to the creation of Yuskin when he witnessed a customer’s dissatisfaction with his pharmacy not providing a non-greasy hand cream. After two years of trial and error and collaboration with a professor from the University of Tokyo, they finally created a prototype of Yuskin cream. Without this story, the Japanese drug market would still be dominated by greasy, oil-based creams.

Yuskin’s core features have remained almost unchanged since its debut: its yellow hue originates from vitamin B2; its relaxing aroma is made from dl-Camphor, and it helps keep your skin moist. If you suffer cracks, chaps, or chilblains frequently, Yuskin cream can act as your staple medicine.

Their selection also includes I-series mild anti-itchiness cream, S-series medicated lotion for sensitive skin and Relip lip balm.