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    Bandai Rose of Versailles Face Mask With Gold 1 Sheet 27ml-Japanese Taste

    Rose of Versailles

    Bandai Rose of Versailles Face Mask With Gold 1 Sheet 27ml


    This is a face mask with gold, which is known as a beauty component for its function of encouraging turn over of skin. Along with Lipidure, it helps your skin to be firm and hydrated.

    • Balausta extract, Hyaluronic acid, Rose water and Camellia extract are blended.
    • Free of alcohol and paraben.
    • 3 layers of sheets with plenty of beauty serum.
    • Aroma of peach.
    • After washing your face and applying your own toner, take out the sheet and spread on your face.
    • After 10 minutes, take it off and apply the serum left on your face.
    • Contents: 27ml of lotion in 1 sheet
    • Made in Japan
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