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    P-1-ROV-MSK-WH-1-Bandai Rose of Versailles Medicated Whitening Face Mask 1 Sheet 16ml.jpg

    Rose of Versailles

    Bandai Rose of Versailles Skin Toning Face Mask 1 Sheet 16ml


    This is a face mask with tranexamic acid, ingredient that helps to improve your skin tone.

    It helps to prevent freckles and mottled skin, leading to clear and bright skin.

    In addition, this mask has 3 layers of sheets with plenty of beauty serum and 4 types of hydrating components; Aloe vera extract, Hyaluronic acid, Chamomile extract, and Lipidure, to keep your skin hydrated and smooth.

    After washing your face and applying your own toner, take out the sheet and spread on your face.

    After 10 minutes, take it off and apply the serum left on your face.

    • Contents: 16ml of beauty lotion in 1 sheet
    • Made in Japan
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