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    BCL Saborino All-in-One Care Night Sheet Mask 32 Sheets


    Introducing the BCL Saborino All-in-One Care Night Sheet Mask - your new go-to nightly skincare product that tackles everything in your skincare routine in a single step!

    For nighttime care, this single sheet offers deep moisturization. It combines the benefits of lotion, emulsion, serum, cream, and pack in one. With just 1 minute of application before bedtime, you'll wake up with hydrated, non-dry skin.

    This sheet mask maintains your skin's balance and controls sebum production, ensuring you stay moisturized until the next morning. Plus, it's suitable for all, preventing skin irritation.

    • Tightening with malic acid for gentle exfoliation.
    • Prevents rough skin with cica extract.
    • Offers anti-aging benefits with micrococcus solution, water-soluble collagen, ceramide NG, and inositol.
    • The sheet mask is large, making it an ideal choice for both males and females to use. 

    Gently lift the mask from the container by holding the edge. Avoid using excessive force while doing so.

    Unfold the mask and position it on your face, gently stretching it to ensure a snug fit. Leave it on for 60 seconds. If you have concerns about dry skin, leaving it on for 5 to 10 minutes may yield better results.

    Carefully remove the mask, and you're finished! You can also fold and store it for future use.

      • Net contents: 32 Sheets
      • Made in Japan
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