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    Daihoku Noriya Bonito Furikake Rice Seasoning 40g, Japanese Taste
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    Daihoku Noriya Bonito Furikake Rice Seasoning 40g

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    Furikake is a flaked rice seasoning that is designed to season cooked rice, and contains nori seaweed. Would you like to try furikake with a high-quality nori chosen by a nori producer?

    The nori used in this furikake is from the Ariake Sea: it is said that the Ariake nori seaweed is one of the best nori seaweeds in Japan.

    To pair with the delicious Ariake seaweed, Japanese katsuo (bonito) has been chosen for this furikake because the two pair so well together. In fact, this is such a beloved furikake in Japan that its won the gold prize of the National Furikake Grand Prix.

    Unlike most furikake, this product is free of chemical seasonings.

    • Net contents: 90g
    • Main ingredients: Bonito, sesame, starch, dried seaweed, sugar, salt, honjozo soy sauce, rice crackers, yeast extract, fermented seasoning, honmirin, brown molasses, sardines, dextrin, matcha green tea, shrimp, powdered soy sauce, kelp, shiitake mushrooms, seafood
    • Potential allergens: Soybean, wheat, seafood, shrimp, chicken
    • Made in Japan
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