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    Isuke Handmade Lacquered Wooden Coffee Box With Spoon


    The Isuke Handmade Lacquered Wooden Coffee Box With Spoon is a finely crafted coffee box that combines both functionality and elegance. Its surface features a textured coating known as "Sabi-nuri," traditionally used as a base for lacquerware.

    This cylindrical container not only serves as a coffee holder but also adds a touch of sophistication to your tabletop decor. Its stylish design ensures that you can use it with ease, making it a perfect gift option for various occasions.

    Feel free to store coffee in this container, or other pantry staples such as sugar or flour. Stor whatever you think is fit inside of this box!

    • Material: Lacquered/Wood (keyaki)
    • Size: Diameter 11.8 x Height 16.5 (cm) (Capacity: 250g)
    • Made in Japan
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