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    Isuke Japanese Lacquered Soup Bowls Sun & Moon Design (Set of 2)


    This pair of lacquered soup bowls from Isuke is perfect for those who love contemporary Japanese styling. These bowls are just the right size to enjoy hot miso soup or a side of rice with your meal.

    One is lacquered in a deep black color, and the other is vermilion red. Both bowls have a brushed texture on the exterior, and both feature two large circles to represent the sun and the moon. They're constructed of molded wood powder that has been lacquered using traditional Japanese techniques, these are truly a masterpiece of Japanese lacquerware.

    Isuke has been dealing with lacquer and lacquerware in Kyoto for nearly 200 years, their traditional and contemporary Japanese designs are enhanced by the quality materials they use, which results in outstandingly high-quality and luxurious products.

    • Contents: 2 bowls
    • Size: 10.2 x 6.8 cm
    • Material: Lacquer, molded wood powder, resin
    • Hand wash only, not microwave-safe
    • Made in Japan
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