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    Isuke Negoro Japanese Lacquered Waste Bin Red & Black


    The Isuke Negoro Japanese Lacquered Waste Bin in Red & Black is a user-friendly waste bin featuring a unique Negoro lacquer finish that beautifully highlights the vermilion and black colors. It's not only functional but also a great choice for a new housewarming gift.

    This waste bin is particularly suitable for those who value the appearance around their dining or living rooms.

    Suitable for: Celebrations, family gifts, returns, gifts, souvenirs, wedding gifts, and new life occasions.

    Isuke has been dealing with lacquer and lacquerware in Kyoto for nearly 200 years, their traditional and contemporary Japanese designs are enhanced by the quality materials they use, which results in outstandingly high-quality and luxurious products.

    • Material: Urethane coating/Resin molded product
    • Size: Width 20 x Height 20 x Height 27.7 (cm)
    • Made in Japan
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