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    Kasugai Tsubu Gummy Mixed Fruit Flavor Gummies 80g (Pack of 3), Japanese Taste
    3 Pack


    Kasugai Tsubu Gummy Mixed Fruit Flavor Gummies 80g (Pack of 3)


    Chewy and firm sugar-coated gummies from Kasugai.

    These bean-shaped gummies are covered in a hard sugary coating, similar to a jelly bean. They come in an assortment of five popular fruity flavors that change seasonally.

    Enjoy them to your heart's consent with this pack of three 80 gram bags.

    • Net contents: 80g x 3 
    • Main ingredients: Sugar, starch syrup, lactose, gelatin, juice concentrate, sorbitol, acidulant, flavoring, pectin, coloring
    • Nutrition facts (per 80g): 285kcal, protein 3.5g, fat 0g, carbohydrates 67.8g, sodium 0.07g 
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