Kiya Carbon Steel Garasuki Ebony Handle Boning Knife 160mm


This Kiya carbon steel garasuki knife is the ideal choice for anyone who regularly cooks with poultry. The garasuki is similar to the honesuki Japanese boning knife, but with a larger blade better suited for breaking down whole chickens.

The garasuki has an angled blade, culminating in a sharp reverse-tanto tip, which makes it easy to pierce through and slice under skin, trim along bones, and remove fat and cartilage. This particular garasuki is made with high-grade Japanese carbon steel, and features a western-style ebony handle for comfort and ease-of-use.

This knife will arrive with a protective coating of blade oil from the manufacturer. Please gently wash the blade with kitchen detergent to remove the oil before using for the first time. To extend the life of the blade, be sure to wash immediately after cutting salty or acidic foods. After washing, dry thoroughly and store in a dry place. Refrain from cutting frozen foods, bone, or shells as the blade may be chipped.

  • Material: Carbon steel, wood
  • Blade length: 160mm
  • Weight: Approx. 276g
  • Made in Japan
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