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Koya Dofu Nutritious Japanese Freeze Dried Tofu 65g


Koya Dofu is a highly nutritious form of tofu that has recently been making waves in Japan and abroad as a vegetarian super-food. Its very high protein content, combined with a decent helping of vitamins and minerals, and its very long shelf-life make it a great contender as the best pantry staple around.

Koya Dofu is a form of tofu that has been freeze-dried and aged. It the aging process concentrates and matures the soy proteins, allowing for maximum protein content, so that you can take in rich nutrients by eating just a little amount.

Unlike normal tofu, they are very light and shelf-stable. This koya dofu is made the traditional way, using nigari (bittern) as a natural coagulant, which helps preserve the original flavor of the soybeans, and adds even more to the nutritional content, as bittern is very high in magnesium, calcium and potassium.

You can simply soak Koya Dofu in warm water (about 50°). It doesn't have much taste as it is, so you can add sauce or you can stir, stew or fry with other ingredients.

Typical Japanese way to enjoy Koya Dofu.

  • Cook 40g of Koya Dofu in 400ml of boiling Dashi Soup.
  • Cook about 10 minutes with a low heat, turn off the heat, and let the tofu stay in the soup for a while.

You can also use Koya Dofu in substitute of meat.

  • For example, after soaking, you can blend the tofu to achieve a mincemeat consistency, and then add to other dishes like pasta, gratin, and more.
  • Net contents: 65g
  • Nutritional information: (100g): 504kcal, 53.6g protein, 28.6g fat, 8.1g carbohydrates
  • Ingredients: Whole domestic soy beans, bittern
  • Made in Japan
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