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Aonori Japanese Green Laver Seaweed Strands 10g


These Aonori Japanese Green Laver Seaweed Strands come from Kochi Prefecture which is known for its pristine streams, notably the Shimanto River. Today, Kochi Prefecture boasts an environment conducive to producing top-quality green seaweed. With a commitment to preserving the natural essence of this seaweed, these aonori strands are a carefully curated product, being handpicked of the finest green seaweed from Kochi Prefecture to retain its fresh aroma and flavor.

Carefully selecting seaweed with the best taste and aroma ensures a safe and rich culinary experience. As raw algae, not processed into powder, it delivers a mouth-filling aroma, offering a unique way to savor Aonori seaweed that many, even in Japan, may be unfamiliar with!

You can enjoy this Aonori seaweed in many ways. Here are a few suggestions: 

◎ Lightly Roast and Serve on Rice:

  • Gently roast the green seaweed in a frying pan, taking care not to let it burn.
  • Serve over hot rice, drizzle with a bit of soy sauce, and savor the original aroma of green seaweed.

◎ Put It in Soup:

  • Add an appropriate amount directly to miso soup, soup, soba, or udon before serving.
  • Experience the delightful aroma and delicate texture of green seaweed in your soup.

◎ In Addition to Cooking:

  • Break up the green seaweed finely by hand and mix it with raw eggs to create an omelet or tamagoyaki with green seaweed.
  • The harmonious blend of egg and green seaweed offers a fresh and delightful taste. Enjoy!
  • Net contents: 10g
  • Made in Japan
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