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    Kracie Hadabisei 3D Face Mask Super Moisturizing 4 Sheets, Japanese Taste

    Kracie Hadabisei

    Kracie Hadabisei 3D Face Mask Super Moisturizing 4 Sheets


    Kracie Hadabisei 3D Mask is formulated with generous 30ml of serum to deliver goodness to your skin.

    The sheet is super penetrating and has a large size to cover a wide area of your face.

    This is the super moisturizing type mask from Hadabisei 3D mask series which is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to achieve a dewy, supple, and velvety soft skin.

    • Net contents: 4 sheets
    • Active ingredients: Star fruit juice extract, job's tears extract, yuzu citrus-based ceramide, pot marigold extract, glycerin
    • Made in Japan
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