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    Lenor Proudmen Men's Grooming Balm Citrus Musk Fragrance Cream 40g-Japanese Taste


    Lenor Proudmen Men's Grooming Balm Citrus Musk Fragrance Cream 40g


    This is a body cream to provide hydration and subtle fragrance to your body. The subtle aroma of grooming citrus lasts for hours.

    The brand Proudmen was born with the aim to provide elegant grooming products to sophisticated men.

    • Contains "Kaki Tannin" which has an effect of eliminating odours from body and clothes.
    • Natural and refreshing fragrance of Citrus Musk (aroma citrus, woody floral and woody musk).
    • Features a blend of 6 kinds of essential oils.

    Apply the balm on the back of your neck, armpit, or other parts of your body as you like.

    Recommended to use before leaving for work in the morning, after taking shower, before having meetings, after sweating, and more.

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