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    Marushin Hammered Copper Food Cover Oil Splatter Guard Dome 27cm


    This hammered copper steak cover from Marushin will add a touch of class and luxury to any kitchen.

    There are various ways to prevent oil from splattering out of the frying pan, there are various ways of covering food while it cooks to keep the heat circulating, but there aren't many ways to do both of those things, at the same time, in style.

    This wonderful kitchen tool is equal parts form and function. The copper dome and ornate brass handle both look fantastic, and the usability is just as good.

    When cooking thick steaks, hamburgers, and other foods where you want to scorch the outside at a high temperature, but make sure the inside is cooked through, you need to cover the pan and let it cook at a low temperature. This cover is just the tool for the job.

    In addition, it prevents hot oil from splattering and splashing out of the frying pan, which can cause burns and make your stovetop a mess.

    • Material: Hammered copper, brass
    • Size: Approx. 270mm x 120mm 
    • Made in Japan
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