Milbon Elujuda Bleach Care Serum Hair Treatment 120ml


Milbon Elujuda Bleach Care Serum Hair Treatment is the perfect haircare solution for those with bleached hair prone to tangles and frizz. Enriched with oily glycerin, this serum ensures even oil distribution, promoting smooth and manageable hair.

Elevate your haircare experience with Milbon Elujuda Bleach Care Serum Hair Treatment – the key to achieving and maintaining smooth, beautifully conditioned bleached hair.

  • Contains a unique combination of glycerin and oil, compatible with both water and oil. Enhances even oil spread on bleached hair, facilitating smoothness and ease of styling.
  • Prevents misalignment of hydrogen bonds during drying, suppressing waviness and ensuring a sleek finish.
  • Even under tension during drying, the serum maintains loose hydrogen bonds, allowing easy adjustment of undulations for a beautiful and manageable result.
  • Conditions bleached hair to perfection, leaving it in a beautiful and smooth state.
  • Enjoy the delicate fragrance of transparent crystal musk, adding a touch of luxury to your hair care routine.

Begin by removing excess moisture from your hair. Divide your hair into left and right halves, then apply the product, starting from the tips and working towards the middle.

Dispense a small amount onto your hand and spread it evenly across your palms, fingertips, and between your fingers.

Apply the product to the mid-lengths to ends of your hair by running your fingers through, ensuring thorough coverage. Allow it to air dry by running your fingers through the ends of your hair.

  • Net contents: 120ml
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