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    Nishimatsuya Smart Angel Baby Shampoo (Foaming Hair and Body Wash) 500ml, Japanese Taste
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    Japanese Taste

    Nishimatsuya Smart Angel Baby Shampoo (Foaming Hair and Body Wash) 500ml

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    Nishimatsuya is one of the largest Japanese brands specializing in baby and kid products. This is a foaming head-to-toe shampoo for babies.

    Its soft foam effectively and gently cleanses the baby’s delicate scalp and hair while offering a moisturization benefit and keeping the skin moist even after bath time.

    This shampoo is based on botanical formulas and amino acids without fragrances and colorants. By using this full-body shampoo, you can prevent your baby from suffering from heat rash.

    • Net contents: 500ml
    • Active ingredients: Glycerin, mugwort leaf extract, peach leaf extract
    • From 0 years old, mildly acidic.
    • Made in Japan
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