Nisshin Cookie Mix 200g, Japanese Taste
Nisshin Cookie Mix 200g, Japanese Taste
Nisshin Cookie Mix 200g, Japanese Taste
Nisshin Cookie Mix 200g, Japanese Taste

Nisshin Seifun

Nisshin Cookie Mix 200g


With Nisshin Cookie Mix, you can bake crispy cookies with ease! It’s a perfect single serve cookie mix for everyone.

This cookie mix includes Japanese flour. You can make a crispy, light cookies with ease.

Single-use cookie mix that enables you to bake approximately 20 cookies (with 4cm cookie cutter).

Add softened butter and cookie mix into a bowl and beat them together. Then add an egg into the bowl and beat well until the ingredients get mixed.

For cutout cookie, roll out a cookie dough until it gets approximately 4mm thick. If the dough is sticky, cool it into a fridge for 10~15 minutes. Then cut out the dough with the cookie cutter.

For squeezing cookies, put the dough into a pastry bag, and squeeze it onto the tray.

Bake for just 17minutes in the oven with 170°C. After the baking process, let the cookies cool down.

  • Net contents: 200g
  • Main ingredients: Flour, sugar, vegetable fat and oil, sugar preparation, butter flavored seasoning, dehydrated egg white
  • Nutrition facts (per 200g): Energy 777kcal, protein 13.8g, fat 9.8g, carbohydrate 158.4g, sodium 0.59g
  • Potential allergens: Wheat, egg, milk, soybean
  • Note: This product is incompatible with microwave nor oven toaster.
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