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    Ohmoriya Aosa Sea Lettuce Furikake Rice Seasoning 30g, Japanese Taste

    Japanese Taste

    Ohmoriya Aosa Sea Lettuce Furikake Rice Seasoning 30g


    If you are a fan of aosa seaweed, which is also known as sea lettuce, these furikake flakes may become your staple seasoning for white rice and other favorite dishes.

    Ohmoriya is an expert in seaweed-based products, and their furikake seasoning flakes feature the rich aroma of these algae. Before eating it, enjoy its aroma that comes from the ocean to fully appreciate its goodness.

    It is actually an assortment of seaweed flakes because more than a half of its main ingredients are seaweed: aosa, nori, tororo kombu, aonori, small shrimp, wakame, and bonito. These are then flavored with shellfish including shijimi (freshwater clam), scallop, and oyster.

    • Net contents: 30g
    • Main ingredients: Aosa seaweed, roasted sesame seeds, sugar, lactose, bonito/mackerel flakes, salt, kombu seaweed, starch, nori seaweed, wakame seaweed, shrimp, soy sauce, powdered egg yolk, aonori seaweed, dextrin, matcha, glucose, shijimi extract, chicken extract, shrimp extract, scallop extract, oyster extract, sake, mirin, powdered fish sauce, clam extract, hot chili pepper, spices, sesame oil
    • Nutrition facts (per 30g): Energy 98kcal, protein 6.3g, fat 2.9g, carbohydrate 13.6g (sugar 9.5g / fiber 4.1g), sodium 3.8g
    • Potential allergens: Egg, milk, wheat, shrimp, sesame, mackerel, soybean, ,chicken, pork
    • Made in Japan
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