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    Teraoka Tsuyu Sauce Japanese Soba Noodle Sauce 290ml, Japanese Taste


    Teraoka Tsuyu Sauce Japanese Soba Noodle Sauce 290ml


    Teraoka is a shoyu (soy sauce) brewer found on Hiroshima in western Japan that inherits traditional barrel brewing methods as well as production of an authentic soy sauce.

    This Japanese Soba Noodle Sauce is a perfect sauce not only to complement soba noodles, but it also pairs well with udon noodles, chinese noodles, and other cold noodles.

    It is a tsuyu sauce rich in umami flavor, and is complemented well with toppings such as chopped green onions and grated ginger.

    This sauce also complements dishes such as tofu soup, simmered dishes, and hot pot dishes.

    Teraoka ensures only the use of the highest quality and organic ingredients (when possible) and this product is no exception. With a base of organic soy sauce and bonito dashi stock, mirin, sugar, and dried bonito have also been added for an enhanced umami flavor.

    Use as a soup base for cold noodle dishes, tofu soup, simmered dishes, or hot pot dishes.
      • Net contents: 290ml
      • Ingredients: Soy sauce (including soybean and wheat) (domestically brewed), bonito dashi soup stock, mirin, sugar, dried bonito.
      • Nutrition facts (per 15ml): Energy 9kcal, protein 0.6g, fat 0g, carbohydrate 1.6g, sodium 0.7g
      • Potential allergens: Soybean, wheat
      • Manufacturer name: Teraoka Yuki Jyozo Co., Ltd.
      • Note: Store it in a cool and dark place once opened.
      • Made in Japan
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