The Ultimate Pocky List: 50 Pocky Flavors You Need To Know About!

The Ultimate Pocky List: 50 Pocky Flavors You Need To Know About!
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    How much do you know about Pocky? You may be familiar with the thin biscuit/pretzel-like sticks coated in chocolate, but did you know just how many flavors there are? Well, today you’ll learn because we’re going to unveil 50 flavors of Pocky that you can find in Japan!

    Note: there may be Pocky flavors/varieties that can be found outside of Japan, but this article will only cover Pocky flavors found in Japan.

    Original Pocky Flavors

    These are currently all of the original flavors of Pocky available in Japan according to Glico. Luckily, you can find almost all of these flavors in our Pocky collection too if you’re not in Japan.

    1. Original Pocky

    Original Pocky

    The original and iconic Chocolate Pocky has been around since its launch back in 1966. The recipe has remained unchanged and is a classic! You can find the classic Pocky in a
    single pack, pack of 3, and pack of 6 options.

    2. Gokuboso Extra Thin Chocolate Pocky

    Gokuboso Extra Thin Chocolate Pocky

    These extra-thin Pocky are a take on the original Pocky but are, you guessed it, much thinner. They’re the same flavor as the classic Chocolate Pocky, but the thinner biscuit allows you to enjoy more of the chocolate coating without being weighed down by the biscuit.

    3. Cacao 60% Bitter Chocolate Pocky

    Cacao 60% Bitter Chocolate Pocky

    For consumers looking for a Pocky option that’s a little less sweet but still packed with chocolate flavor, then the Cacao 60% Pocky was made for you. Both the biscuit sticks and chocolate coating are made with bitter cacao chocolate, to give you the optimal chocolate richness without all of the sweet flavor.

    4. Strawberry Pocky

    Strawberry Pocky

    The Strawberry Pocky is another classic Pocky flavor that has remained unchanged since its launch in 1966. The Strawberry Pocky consists of a crunchy biscuit stick coated in a luscious strawberry-flavored white chocolate coating. It comes in a
    single pack and a pack of 6.

    5. Deep Matcha Pocky

    Deep Matcha Pocky

    The Deep Matcha Pocky was intended for the real matcha lovers out there! They’re made with real Uji Matcha powder for the ultimate matcha kick.

    6. Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry Pocky

    Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry Pocky

    This version of Strawberry Pocky features whole wheat cocoa pretzel sticks coated with strawberry chocolate cream and crushed strawberries, adding texture. The pretzels are double-coated with this delicious strawberry cream.

    7. Almond Crush Pocky

    Almond Crush Pocky

    The Almond Crush Pocky is one of the best-selling Pocky, probably because it’s delicious and has a pleasant texture! The original Pocky biscuit is coated in a luscious milk chocolate coating and crushed almonds. It’s a fan favorite on Japanese Taste!

    Seasonal Pocky Flavors

    You may already know that Japan is the land of seasonal flavors, so it only makes sense for there to be a ton of seasonal variations of Pocky. Seasonal flavors of Pocky are only around for certain periods of time, maybe as short as one month. If you happen to come across a seasonal flavor of Pocky when you’re in Japan, it’s definitely worth snatching up and trying for yourself.

    8. Heartful Strawberry Pocky

    Heartful Strawberry Pocky

    The Heartful Strawberry Pocky not only captures the fruity essence of strawberries perfectly, but they are also pink and heart-shaped! The Heartful Strawberry Pocky makes its appearance around Valentine’s Day.

    9. Heartful Blueberry Yogurt Pocky

    Heartful Blueberry Yogurt Pocky

    A similar option to the Heartful Strawberry Pocky is the Heartful Blueberry Yogurt Pocky. The biscuits are pink and heart-shaped like the strawberry variant, but the coating is blueberry yogurt-flavored and surprisingly bright blue. This may be an interesting Pocky flavor to try if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary.

    10. Heartful Cherry Pocky

    Heartful Cherry Pocky

    Last up in the heartful series is the Heartful Cherry Pocky. Similarly to the other variants in the Heartful series, the biscuits are pink and heart-shaped, but the coating is instead cherry flavored.

    11. Kuchidoke Chocolate Pocky

    Kuchidoke Chocolate Pocky

    The Kuchidoke Chocolate Pocky is a winter-only limited edition Pocky flavor. The chocolate coating is a bit thicker and richer than the original chocolate Pocky. It has a melt in your mouth texture and is dusted in cocoa powder to give it more of a luxurious feel (kind of similar to
    Nama Chocolate).

    12. Pocky Tasty Fermented Butter

    Pocky Tasty Fermented Butter

    These deluxe Pocky sticks feature crispier, richer biscuit sticks made with whole wheat flour and fermented butter. The chocolate boasts a nuttier flavor from roasted milk. With a higher fiber content, it's a tastier and healthier snack option, perfect for indulgence with a nutritious twist.

    13. Winter Glitter Golden Butter Pocky

    Winter Glitter Golden Butter Pocky

    Another winter-only limited edition Pocky is the Winter Glitter Golden Butter Pocky. The biscuit sticks for this flavor have a rich, buttery taste and the chocolate coating is salted caramel flavored. This seasonal Pocky just might be my favorite one on the list!

    14. Sakura Pocky

    Sakura Pocky

    If you can get your hands on them, then you definitely need to try the Sakura Pocky! Sakura is the quintessential image of spring, and the floral flavor of these Pocky sticks will help you enjoy spring more.

    15. Sakura Matcha Pocky

    Sakura Matcha Pocky

    No seasonal Pocky list would be complete without a sakura matcha flavor. In this case, these Sakura Matcha Pocky have sakura-flavored biscuit sticks and matcha-flavored chocolate coating. A truly unique-to-Japan flavor that’s super yummy.

    16. Pocky Trinity Almond

    Pocky Trinity Almond

    This Pocky flavor is similar to the Almond Crush Pocky but has a more intense almond flavor. This is a triple almond-flavored Pocky with an almond-flavored biscuit stick, almond-flavored chocolate coating, and crushed almond layer. It’s usually around during the Autumn months.

    17. Pocky Trinity Orange Peel

    Pocky Trinity Orange Peel

    Another flavor in the Pocky Trinity series is this Orange Peel flavor. They basically consist of a chocolate biscuit stick coated in chocolate which then has a layer of dried orange peel. This is also a Pocky flavor that’s only around in the fall.

    18. Otona no Milk Pocky

    Otona no Milk Pocky

    These Pocky have somewhat of a strange name. Otona no Milk translates to ‘milk for adults’ insinuating that these Pocky have a flavor more suited for adults. The biscuit sticks in this one have a more intense buttery flavor than the original and the chocolate is not as sweet.

    19. Creamy Vanilla Pocky

    Creamy Vanilla Pocky

    The Creamy Vanilla Pocky are limited to summer and are vanilla-flavored. Need we say more?

    20. Wagokoro Matcha Pocky

    Wagokoro Matcha Pocky

    The Pocky Wagokoro series consists of 2 flavors, Matcha and Azuki, and are limited only to the Japanese market. ‘Wagoro’ translates to ‘Japanese spirit’ which may imply that these Pocky sticks have a more traditional Japanese flavor.

    The Wagoro Matcha Pocky consists of an Uji Matcha-flavored biscuit that is coated with chocolate and crunchy matcha cookies. It’s one of the most popular flavors in Japan, so if you’re a matcha lover it’s definitely worth trying if you can get your hands on it.

    21. Wagokoro Azuki Pocky

    Wagokoro Azuki Pocky

    Next up in the Wagokoro series is the Wagokoro Azuki Pocky. This is pretty much the same as the matcha version but is azuki red bean flavored with azuki crunchy cookies in place of the matcha components.

    22. Berry Chocolat Pocky

    Berry Chocolat Pocky

    While other Pocky flavors are sometimes coated in nuts, the Berry Chocolat Pocky is instead coated in dried pieces of cranberries and strawberries, adding an extra element of fruity sweet flavor to the Pocky sticks.

    23. Brazilian Orange Pocky

    Brazilian Orange Pocky

    The Brazilian Orange Pocky is a tropical flavor only available during the hot summer months. The chocolate coating contains real Brazilian orange juice.

    24. Coconut Pocky

    Coconut Pocky

    Another fun summer-only seasonal flavor is the Coconut Pocky. This one consists of a plain biscuit stick wrapped in the original chocolate coating and toasted coconut flakes. It also contains real coconut oil.

    25. Chocolate Mint Pocky

    Chocolate Mint Pocky

    For all the choco-mint lovers out there, Glico has got you covered with their summer-edition Chocolate Mint Pocky! Chocolate pocky sticks coated in green mint chocolate make the perfect combination to help cool down during the hot summer heat.

    26. Salty Vanilla Pocky

    Salty Vanilla Pocky

    This flavor might sound a bit strange to some, but the salt mixed with the sweet vanilla flavor actually helps to make the vanilla taste a little sweeter. The salt also helps to cool down the body.

    27. Watermelon Pocky

    Watermelon Pocky

    For those looking for a fruity summer flavor, check out the Watermelon Pocky! The watermelon cream will definitely help to keep you cool in the summer.

    Alcoholic Pocky Flavors

    Yes, Glico also makes Pocky in alcoholic flavors! That is to say, flavors that pair well with alcohol. While they don’t necessarily contain alcohol, they have been made to complement certain types of alcohol perfectly.

    28. Otona no Kohaku Whisky Pocky

    Whisky Pocky

    The 'Otona no Kohaku' or 'Adult Amber' Pocky is crafted to be the perfect accompaniment to whiskey. Malt extract is blended into the Pocky's dough to achieve an aroma and taste that harmonizes well with whiskey. Additionally, whiskey aroma and a touch of salt are added to the surface of the Pocky to enhance its compatibility with whiskey. This is definitely a must-try Pocky for whiskey enthusiasts looking for a snack to pair their whiskey with.

    29. Megami no Ruby Red Wine Pocky

    Megami no Ruby Red Wine Pocky

    The 'Megami no Ruby' or 'Goddess Ruby' Pocky has been crafted to be the perfect accompaniment to red wine. The biscuit incorporates cheese, black pepper, and clove to complement the flavors of red wine. Additionally, three types of berry aroma and a hint of salt are added around the chocolate coating to enhance the overall flavor profile of the Pocky.

    Giant Pocky

    If you love Pocky sticks but wish that they were bigger, then you’re in luck! That’s because Giant Pocky sticks actually exist! Though they only exist in a few flavors, you might be able to find your favorite one below.

    30. Original Chocolate Giant Pocky

    Original Chocolate Giant Pocky

    For lovers of the original Pocky, you can indeed enjoy it in giant form. Enough said.

    31. Strawberry Giant Pocky

    Strawberry Giant Pocky

    If you’re a fan of the Strawberry Pocky, then you’re in luck because it also comes in a giant version. The bonus point of the giant version is that it allows you to enjoy the delicious strawberry cream flavored chocolate more.

    32. Rainbow Giant Dream Pocky

    Rainbow Giant Dream Pocky

    Because rainbows make everything better, it’s only natural for the Rainbow Giant Dream Pocky to exist. The flavors of the rainbow come in Chocolate, Matcha, Melon, Strawberry, and Grape. If you can find it, it’s definitely worth giving Rainbow Giant Dream Pocky a try.

    Midi Pocky Flavors

    The Pocky Midi series was created for consumers who wish to enjoy Pocky but in a smaller size. They are shorter and stubbier than the original-sized Pocky and they have a thicker layer of coating. They also come in many different flavors too!

    33. Premium Milk Chocolate Midi Pocky

    Premium Milk Chocolate Midi Pocky

    The premium, or ‘zeitaku’ Milk Chocolate Midi Pocky are said to have much more buttery biscuits and a luxurious and creamy chocolate coating. They are intended to be much more premium than the original Pocky sticks.

    34. Midi Premium Almond Milk Midi Pocky

    Midi Premium Almond Milk Midi Pocky

    This is another premium Midi Pocky option, this time in Almond Milk flavor. Not to be confused with regular almond milk, but the coating on these Midi Pocky sticks is actually almond milk chocolate flavored.

    35. Premium Strawberry Midi Pocky

    Premium Strawberry Midi Pocky

    Since strawberry is a best-selling Pocky flavor, it only makes sense for there to be a premium Strawberry Midi Pocky option. This time, the biscuit is cocoa flavored which matches really well with the fruity strawberry chocolate.

    36. Matcha Midi Pocky

    Matcha Midi Pocky

    The Matcha Midi Pocky has two coatings of matcha flavor. The first coating is a matcha-flavored whipped cream and the second coating is a matcha-flavored chocolate. You can enjoy double matcha flavor in one with this Midi Pocky!

    37. Strawberry Fromage Midi Pocky

    Strawberry Fromage Midi Pocky

    This is another luxurious sounding Pocky flavor. The Strawberry Fromage Midi Pocky takes strawberry cheesecake to a whole new level! They have a double coating of strawberry fromage-flavored chocolate and strawberry-flavored chocolate.

    38. Strawberry Latte Midi Pocky

    Strawberry Latte Midi Pocky

    For consumers who can’t get enough of the strawberry pocky flavor, there’s also a Midi Pocky in Strawberry Latte flavor. A cocoa-flavored biscuit is double layered with strawberry whipped cream and strawberry latte chocolate.

    39. Caramel Latte Midi Pocky

    Caramel Latte Midi Pocky

    There’s also a caramel latte version of Midi Pocky! Similar to the Strawberry Latte Midi Pocky, the caramel one features a biscuit stick coated in a double layer of caramel whipped cream and caramel latte chocolate.

    40. Squeeze Peach Midi Pocky

    Squeeze Peach Midi Pocky

    For all of the fruity flavor loving folks out there, Glico certainly did not forget about you. That’s why they also launched the Squeeze series of fruity Midi Pocky flavors which are made with 70% fruit juice. First up in this series is the Peach Midi Pocky.

    Similar to other Midi Pocky, the Squeeze Peach Midi Pocky consists of a biscuit stick wrapped in a double layer of peach whipped cream and peach-flavored chocolate. The peach flavor consists of 70% real peach juice.

    41. Squeeze Rich Grape Midi Pocky

    Squeeze Rich Grape Midi Pocky

    Next up in the Squeeze series is the Rich Grape Midi Pocky, which is made with 70% grape juice. By now, you know the drill.

    42. Squeeze Mango Midi Pocky

    Squeeze Mango Midi Pocky

    Last up in the Squeeze Midi series is the Squeeze Mango Midi Pocky. You get the goodness of mango cream and mango chocolate made with 70% real mango juice with this one. Perfect for mango lovers!

    Regional Pocky Flavors

    Would a list of all of the Japanese Pocky flavors really be complete without a regional flavors section? Come on, this is Japan! Every prefecture in Japan is famous for at least one food, so it only makes sense that there are also regional Pocky flavors. Similar to regional Kit Kats, these Pocky can only be purchased in their specified region or city, making them perfect souvenirs. Interestingly, regional Pocky sticks are also 1.5 times bigger than regular Pocky sticks.

    43. Setouchi Iyokan Orange Pocky

    Setouchi Iyokan Orange Pocky

    This special regional Pocky is flavored with Iyokan Oranges from Ehime, which is located on Shikoku island. You’ll be able to find this variety in Ehime prefecture and perhaps in other prefectures in Shikoku.

    44. Amaou Ichigo Strawberry Pocky

    Amaou Ichigo Strawberry Pocky

    You may have heard of the ‘Amaou Ichigo’ before, especially if you’re familiar with Japanese strawberries. Amaou Ichigo are luxurious strawberries native to Fukuoka prefecture (located in Kyushu, an island in Southwestern Japan) and are bursting with sweet, fruity, strawberry flavor.

    45. Gorojima Kintoki Sweet Potato Pocky

    Gorojima Kintoki Sweet Potato Pocky

    This unique regional Pocky is flavored with ‘Gorojima Kintoki’ a
    sweet potato local to Ishikawa prefecture. They have a delicious sweet and nutty flavor unique to sweet potatoes.

    46. Sato Nishiki Cherry Pocky

    Sato Nishiki Cherry Pocky

    This flavor of Pocky is inspired by the ‘Sato Nishiki’ variant of cherries that can only be found in the Tohoku region of Japan (Northern Japan). The Sato Nishiki cherry is considered to be the ‘jewel of the orchard’ in Japan and is famous for its beautiful red color and perfectly balanced sweet and tart flavor.

    47. Yubari Melon Pocky

    Yubari Melon Pocky

    For melon lovers, there’s also a special Pocky flavor just for you! You might have heard of the Yubari Melon before, which is thought to be the most luxurious melon in Japan, and even the world. You can find this special Yubari Melon Pocky in Hokkaido.

    48. Shinshu Kyoho Grape Pocky

    Shinshu Kyoho Grape Pocky

    The Kyoho grape is a Japanese grape variety local to the Shinshu region of Japan (around Nagano). This special regional Pocky was created to replicate its unique, grapey flavor. It contains real Kyoho grape juice from Shinshu.

    49. Uji Matcha Pocky

    Uji Matcha Pocky

    For travelers around the Kansai, or Kinki region of Japan, you definitely need to look for the Uji Matcha Pocky. It’s made with real Uji matcha which is local to Kyoto, so you know you’ll be getting the good stuff!

    50. Tokyo Amazake Pocky

    Tokyo Amazake Pocky

    Last but not least is the Tokyo Amazake Pocky. These pocky are made with sake lees (a product that comes from sake production) that comes from a sake brewery in Tokyo. This is definitely a unique, regional Pocky that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

    So there you have it, a complete list of 50 Pocky flavors available in Japan. Which Pocky flavors have you tried, and which is your favorite? If you’ve never tried Pocky before, which flavor do you want to try first? Let us know in the comments!


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