Acecook started as a bakery in Osaka in 1948. They expanded to produce packaged soft biscuits in 1954, and eventually instant noodles in 1959.

Since focusing on instant noodles, they’ve grown internationally, and they’re now one of the largest instant noodle makers in Japan, Vietnam and Myanmar. Their two bestselling products in Japan are Supercup and Wantan-men.

Supercup launched in 1988 as an effort to support the needs of young people, and their growing bodies. They realized that as life was becoming more fast-paced, and more people were eating instant meals, young people couldn’t be satisfied from a regular cup of noodles. So they launched their Supercup with 1.5 times the contents of their competitors.

Wantan-men was one of their earliest products, launching in 1963, which is an instant Chinese-style ramen with real wontons - like an American wonton soup.