Particularly famous for Kabukiage senbei (rice crackers), Amanoya has been developing its manufacturing techniques to deliver high-quality Japanese rice snacks. Interestingly, their original business was wholesale of amanatto (a traditional Japanese bean snack), but then they started making fried senbei from 1954, which led to the launch of Kabukiage, their business began to focus more on senbei manufacturing.

As you may know, the word “Kabuki” refers to a Japanese traditional dance theater; why does their best-selling product’s name comes from this glamorous, flamboyant show? According to Amanoya, they wish to maintain Kabuki and senbei as these are both traditionally developed in Japan. To do so, they created a package that has vertical stripes with the colors of black, red, and green, which are reminiscent of the typical curtain you can see on a kabuki stage.

For the senbei itself, Kabukiage features a good aroma of sweetened soy sauce and is relatively soft. As a result, it is easy to chew it and will melt softly in your mouth.