In the way that Morinaga’s corporate philosophy is “Delicious, Fun, and Healthy.”, this brand strives to produce products that can be enjoyed regardless of the generation, looking to put a smile on the face of consumers and making a contribution to their healthy and happy everyday lives.

Their Eokasan Pregnancy Supplement is perfect for expectant and breastfeeding mothers who wish to supplement nutrition during the nursing period. In contrast, their E-Akachan Infant Formula is ideal for feeding infants thanks to its formula being close to real breast milk.

Morinaga has many famous snacks that are well-known globally. One good example of this is their chewy, fruity, and juicy HI-CHEW candies; you should try some of their variations that recreate the taste of local specialties, such as Yubari melon flavor.

You might also like to try their simple and mild sweets. For instance, Morinaga’s Moonlight Cookies and Marie Cookies are designed to allow you to enjoy the original aroma of egg and milk, respectively.