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    astalift-Japanese Taste


    This brand is developed by Fujifilm and features products with an eye-catching and elegant red package and excellent skin penetration backed by the manufacturer’s superior nano-technology. Their products are regular award winners from a number of prominent Japanese beauty magazines and the nation’s major cosmetics information websites. This achievement is the result of their continuous endeavor to meet the needs of women who wish to become more beautiful.

    The reason for Astalift’s brand color being red is accounted for by the fact that their cosmetics’ red hue is derived from a natural component called astaxanthin, which is also the origin of the brand name. When astaxanthin is combined with Astalift’s nanotechnology, their products materialize a deep and quick permeation to the stratum corneum, resulting in an inside-out revitalization.

    Another noteworthy product from Astalift is its collagen drink. Its thick texture means it is packed with concentrated low molecular collagen to maximize your total beauty.