Calbee is one of the major snack manufacturers in Japan. They specialize in potato snacks including their classic Potato Chips series; Jagarico and Jagabee (potato sticks); and Sapporo Potato (square and mesh-patterned chips). Other chip snacks from this Japanese brand include Kappa Ebisen (shrimp-flavored chips), Sayaendo (green pea chips), and Miino (fava bean chips).

Along with its snack business, Calbee also focuses on developing healthy products to create new brand value. For example, they are now strengthening a brand called Frugra, a lineup of granola cereal that allows you to practice a simple, tasty, and healthy diet. They believe that focusing more on developing healthy foods will contribute to their corporate goals: to harness the power of nature, to provide fun and tasty experience, and to offer healthy lifestyle through their products.

In terms of potato chips, Calbee’s products are ideal for consumers who are looking for snacks that are hard to give up as they feature an addictive junky flavor yet are neither greasy nor heavy, thus making them ideal for sharing with others.