This Japanese cosmetic brand was originally a small dermatology clinic established in 1995. When the founder of this brand noticed that some of his patients suffered continuously from rough skin even after the cure, he eventually realized that a daily skincare routine is the most critical element for achieving sound skin. After this discovery, he started developing a high-quality skincare product based on feedback from his users, which led to the birth of the brand’s best-seller: the Aqua Collagen Gel.

The effectiveness of Dr.Ci:Labo products lies in the adoption of state-of-the-art aesthetic dermatology. While reflecting the perceptions of the latest skin science, their product is updated on a constant basis. As a result, Dr.Ci:Labo has increasingly gained both trust and followers, which has allowed this brand to achieve total sales of 50 million units and allow its business to last for more than two decades.

Experience the power of Japanese cosmetic that keeps developing with the help of science by replacing some of your skincare products with those from Dr.Ci:Labo.