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    echigo-seika-Japanese Taste

    Echigo Seika

    Echigo Seika is a Japanese confectionery brand that focuses on bringing consumers high-quality and innovative senbei rice cracker snacks. While there are so many types of rice crackers in Japan, what sets Echigo Seika rice cracker snacks apart from other rice cracker snacks is their unique textures and delectable flavors! 

    One of Echigo Seika’s most popular snacks are their mochi puff snacks. Their mochi puffs have a unique texture that melts in your mouth once you take a bite. The mochi puff snack can be thought of as a hybrid between a rice cracker and a daifuku mochi. Besides their unique yet addictive texture, Echigo Seika mochi puffs also come in a variety of flavors like kinako, black sesame, and anko paste. 

    In our collection of Echigo Seika products, we carry the best-selling snacks from the brand such as the famous mochi puff that we feel that the world should know about. If you’re looking for a new Japanese snack that’s undeniably tasty, we’re sure that Echigo Seika has the perfect snack for you in our collection.