FANCL, one of the most prominent beauty and health brands in Japan, describes its products as having “syojiki-hinsitsu”, which literally translates as “honest quality”, and strives to eliminate negative things including worry, inconvenience, and dissatisfaction that come from people’s everyday lives. From cosmetics to edible supplements, you can expect a level of safety from their products as their intent is to market products without additives.

For supplements, their fat burners including Perfect Slim W and Calorie Limit are a handy and affordable solution for those concerned with obesity. You can also achieve nutritional balance by consuming their high-quality green juices on a regular basis. Using their Deep Charge Collagen allows your body to refill with collagen.

Regarding FANCL’s cosmetics, cleanse your face with their Mild Cleansing Oil, and then use the Washing Powder to achieve deep cleansing and moisturization. If your skin concern is pores, their clay-based cleanser can be a potential staple for your skincare.