Fine Cosmetics

Developed by a long-established cosmetic company Sakamoto Koseido, Fine Cosmetics has a distinct identity in haircare products with most of its products being distributed to professionals and hair salons. Despite this fact, it is a line of hair grease that has been recognized as its flagship product among consumers, and this trend still continues until now.

Their Cool Grease Series gives your hair a strong hold and glossy finish to make your hair look stylish. For beginners of the Cool Grease hair pomade, use their standard type (blue package) to give your hair a shiny appearance and stable hold. The manufacturer says that this blue Cool Grease is also suitable for combining with hair wax for additional setting strength. For a stronger hold that lasts for a whole day, try their Cock Grease XXtra Hard Hair Pomade: please note that their strongest version is not called Cool Grease but “Cock” Grease!