Fujiya is a confectionery giant in Japan that has been continuing production and wholesaling of confectionery and beverages as well as management of cake stores and restaurants for more than 110 years. Inspired by Western culinary culture, the founder Rin’emon Fujii operated a confectionery store called “FUJIYA” in Yokohama city, whose signature product was Christmas cake. Since then, their business has expanded, to include snacks and beverages in their selection.

What makes this brand memorable is their official mascot character Peko-chan, who has lovely cute pigtails and a smiling face with her tongue sticking out upward. You can see the Peko-chan doll if you visit one of their franchise cake stores.

Their Milky Candy is perfect for milk lovers as the rich condensed milk from Hokkaido offers a sweet taste. Chocolate chip cookies called Country MA'AM are also produced by Fujiya, and are worth trying. They have a unique moist and soft texture that is addictive. For drinks, Fujiya Nectar, a strained peach puree juice provides you with a smooth and mellow taste.