Ikenaga Iron Works

Ikenaga Iron Works

Ikenaga Iron Works has been working with iron since the 1930s, when they began producing iron tools for the construction industry. Over the decades, they’ve developed their expert knowledge and love of Japanese iron, and have made it their goal to share Japanese ironware with the world.

These days, their 80 years of experience goes into producing the best quality Japanese iron home and kitchenware, such as tetsubin cast iron kettles, Swan kakigori shaved ice machines, cast iron hot plates, takoyaki pans, cast iron griddles, steak plates and sizzling plates, and cast iron portable charcoal grills. 

They wish to create products that can be enjoyed by all people, from all walks of life. So they strive to shape their iron into forms that can please anyone.

They sell tetsubin kettles in the traditional Japanese shape and style that look as though they could be hanging over an open fire in a Kyoto teahouse. But they also have their modern and stylish Tetu brand of tetsubin, that would look at home in a trendy café or city apartment.

Their popular Black Swan series of kakigori shaved ice and snow cone machines is small and light enough to be enjoyed by anyone at home, yet their Recro series is designed for commercial use, and is large enough to shave up to 800g of ice per minute. 

While popular designs and trends change over time, the quality of Japanese iron is timeless. Ikenaga Iron Works emphasizes quality first, and that’s why each one of their cast iron products is made to the highest standards of Japanese excellence.

Ikenaga Iron Works has over 80 years of experience working with high-quality Japanese iron. With a blend of stylish and traditional designs and products for home and commercial use, they aim to share Japanese ironware with the world. Experience excellence with the timeless quality of Ikenaga Iron Works’ cast iron kitchenware.
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Ikenaga Iron Works