If your favorite sweet is azuki (also known as sweet red beans), you should not miss products from Imuraya. Typical Imuraya products available at grocery stores and supermarkets in Japan include Yude Azuki (ready-to-eat azuki beans), Azuki bar (an ice cream bar made with azuki, sugar, starch syrup, corn starch, and salt), Yawamochi Ice (an ice cream with toppings of azuki paste and bite-sized mochi balls), and Eiyokan jellied azuki candy. Imuraya’s products are convenient as they allow you to experience azuki without needing to cook it.

Imuraya’s secondary business is the management of sweet restaurants. In Mie Prefecture, they run a traditional Japanese sweet shop called Kashiho Imuraya, and you can try their signature ankoro-mochi (a rice cake wrapped with azuki paste) as well as their seasonal sweets that include azuki. Should you have a chance to visit Mie, try their tasty azuki products to satisfy your sweet tooth.