Inphenom is one of the sub-brands from Milbon, a Japanese haircare brand for professional hair salons, and features a stylish package design and pleasant fragrance. This product line focuses on repairing damaged hair with an inside-out approach, so it is suitable for consumers who are not satisfied with normal shampoos and for treatments that are commonly sold at every store near you.

For thorough cleansing without damaging your hair, the combined use of Inphenom Shampoo and Hair Treatment gives your hair a gentle cleansing feel and shiny finish. You can also add their luxury hair treatment called CM Pack to achieve intensive haircare. On top of these, Inphenom also offers a hair mist that allows you to rehydrate your hair instantly. Restore your hair to its original moistness and glossy condition to beautify yourself. Inphenom hair cosmetics is a casual way to experience professional quality.