Isehan is a famous Japanese cosmetics company with a long and storied history. They were founded in Edo (Tokyo) in 1825 as a manufacturer of beni - a traditional Japanese red cosmetic used as rouge.

They established themselves as a trendy supplier of high-quality beni to Edo’s fashionable upper classes and even became a certified purveyor to the Imperial Household. They experienced various setbacks during the early 1900s, including the Great Kanto Earthquake, which destroyed much of their buildings.

Eventually, after Japan became more and more westernized, they captured the market of western cosmetics in Japan by developing western-style tube lipstick, that they boldly called “Kiss Me”, which was a smash hit. In the early 1960s they started making sunscreen, which had not been commonly used in Japan until then.

Now, Isehan Kiss Me cosmetics are very popular in Japan. And their range of sunscreen for kids and babies, with 80% natural ingredients, are loved by parents nationwide. They’ve also released a line of makeup inspired by a genre of anime and manga popular with women, called Isehan Kiss Me Heroine, which are among their bestsellers.