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    itofu-Japanese Taste


    Itofu is a traditional Fu (wheat gluten) producer based in Kyoto. What sets Itofu fu products apart from other fu products is Itofu's innovative and creative Fu snacks. Itofu has found a way to create crispy fu snacks in both sweet and savory flavors that match well with alcohol and tea.

    In our Itofu collection, you'll find all of your new favorite crunchy fu snacks. If you're more into savory snacks, we have crunchy fu snacks in addictive black pepper, curry, salty lemon, and more. If you prefer sweet snacks, we also carry delectable chocolate-coated fu snacks from Itofu in flavors such as earl grey, strawberry, and even cream cheese.

    If you're new to the world of Japanese snacks or are looking for a snack alternative that's a bit healthier, there's a whole lot to love with Itofu's fu snacks! We're sure your new favorite snack is waiting for you right here in our Itofu collection.