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    It is said that sesame was introduced to Japan from China in the Jomon era (prehistoric time in Japan dated roughly between 14,000~3,000 BCE), and since then, sesame has become a staple grain in Japan. Kadoya, on the other hand, initiated its business of distributing sesame-based products from AD 1858, and is currently a leading distributor of sesame oil in Japan.

    Their sesame oils are purely made from only carefully selected sesame seeds, giving them an intense aroma as well as a robust yet pleasant flavor. Although sesame oil goes excellently with stir-fried dishes and marinated foods, it can be a perfect starter ingredient when it is used as a deep-frying oil for tempura. This means the sesame oil is a great accompaniment to Japanese cuisines. Prepare their Pure Japanese sesame Oil and add it to your dishes.

    If you feel that the scent of Kadoya’s high-purity sesame oil is too strong, you can also try their ground sesame seeds. Like furikake, sprinkle a pinch of them on to any dish to boost its flavor.