Established in 1958, Kalita is a pioneer of the Japanese coffee industry that disseminates the custom of consuming coffee to Japanese people by supplying coffee utensils. These items have allowed Japanese people to enjoy coffee casually at home; before Kalita’s inception, coffee was exclusively available at coffee shops and restaurants in Japan. Kalita is an expert in coffee tools from coffee filters to coffee grinders, and their excellence of quality is largely based on feedback from baristas and coffee shops, so you can also count on the practicality of their products.

Kalita’s primary focus on manufacturing has been unchanged: to create products that are “Made in Japan”. They believe authentic Japanese products feature fine quality, precision, and functional beauty, so they use materials from Japan or utilize the technique of the traditional Japanese arts in their products. For example, Kalita’s metallic coffee kettles are processed by artisans in Tsubame, an area in Japan well-known for metal-working. Likewise, some of their coffee drippers are manufactured with the same methods as traditional ceramic processing in Nagasaki. Kalita strives to pursue genuine Japanese quality, all to allow consumers to spend an enjoyable coffee time.