Kaminomoto is a Japanese cosmetic brand that specializes in hair growth products. They are a dedicated researcher of this field and believe that beautiful and voluminous hair has a significant impact on the consumer’s total beauty and health. They pursue this belief by combining skin science and the power of natural herbs, roots, and plants to support your hair growth.

For instance, Kaminomoto develops original plant-based components called Kamigen K and Kamigen E, which both are reportedly beneficial for blood circulation and hair growth promotion (Kamigen was reported at the international community of cosmetic chemists as a formula that serves as a countermeasure against alopecia in 1962). Since then, they produced anti hair-loss tonics to help people regain their hair.

Their Kaminomoto Trigger Hair Growth Accelerator, for instance, is said to promote hair growth by increasing and regenerating capillary vessels and activating hair papilla. It is also expected to improve thinning hair and scalp conditions.